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4 Free Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

Pin It MessageIn the modern world of online business marketing, followers are a key determining factor to evaluate how your business is fairing in terms of how much realistic engagement your images and pins are getting. Everybody is aware of how to get legitimate Pinterest fans but only a few know how to influence the website traffic for a price close to nothing.

1. Share often & ensure it is interesting

Sharing attractive information is the epicentre of succeeding in nailing more authentic followers who join the circle willingly. If your pin board to a board that has collected a large number of followers then you can expect the images being pinned in the future to receive significantly more engagement and ultimately website visits. Pinterest is an incredible method to attract people interested in certain websites or blog pages. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is also another social networking site with a very unique feature which enables it to co-exist in a specific niche. In Pinterest, you have the option to create image boards with “pins” where you upload images to the account and have it shown there. It is sort of like having a gallery or a digital collection of pictures you have found throughout the internet or of your products.

2. Associate yourself with popular pins & comment regularly

For you to become popular and attract more followers, it is key that you associate yourself with popular pins and comment regularly on them. Your quality comments will earn you respect and following, making your new followers get to view your pin board and return the favour by commenting on yours too! You have to make an inspirational entry into Pinterest by uploading eye-catching images which will be loved by all your fans. Innovation is vital and of utmost importance! Note that, by uploading what everyone else is uploading, you are actually discrediting the originality of your initiative.

3. Contribute to other’s boards

Your regular activity on others’ boards will stamp your respect on the followers of those boards, hence making your comments get noticed and a multitude of like-minded followers will always like and comment on your input. This will create an endless cycle of followers who will regularly visit your pin board to like and comment on your posts. The best news to rely on is that you can have fluorescent colours in your pictures, which easily attract human eyes and concentrate more on subjects like; Home, Arts and crafts, Fashion and Food etc., since these have more user-activity than others.

4. Follow others to get their attention

Once you have a huge following, don’t get comfortable. Multiplication is the best building block. Target your existing followers by ensuring that you follow all followers that don’t pose a risk to your business due to negative publicity. This will ensure that you will never lose a follower who may feel neglected if they follow you and you failed to follow them back. Try something new like crafting images through Photoshop or any photo editing software and try to make an exclusive range of pinboards covering a huge variety of niches, individuals tend to follow people with a wide variety of pinboards to choose from.

Finally, always remember the key to success is consistency! Never get demoralised if you are not receiving the required results in comparison to your work. Always remember that lots of companies have to rise up to the challenges in the start but eventually they start to gain speed as they invest more time into using and learning it.

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4 Methods for Growing Your Twitter Followers

TweetTwitter is a social media platform with the highest number of users globally, which in the current world can act as a platform for marketing. We need adequate twitter followers, especially if we need our information to reach a wider scope of people. It is thus evident that the more followers a corporate/individual has the more audiences/he reaches.

Method 1 – Mass follow & unfollow

The most common yet unscrupulous method of attaining twitter followers is mass following then unfollowing. When you have the desire to have an enormous number of twitter followers, follow thousands of people at a go. The users followed eventually follow you back. Keep following a large number of persons till you reach the desired number of followers. At that point, unfollow everyone leaving just a few. This not only makes you look important but earns you even more followers as people will be curious as to who you are.

Method 2 – Tweet frequently & consistently

A balance between being dormant and over tweeting must be struck. In business, an overly dormant presence is discouraged. The business entity must make an attempt to tweet something relevant, even if it is a few times a day. The motive of these tweets is to make your twitter followers know that business is still present and functional. Lack of virtual presence can misinform the world that the business is no longer operational. You can tweet about new business offers, any upcoming events, new prices, new items or even a general message outside the business operation especially on special occasions like National celebrations.

Method 3 – Use hashtag to reach new audiences

Twitter hashtags are a common feature that enables tweets to be categorized in relation to a specific topic. Some hashtags receive many audiences and as such trend worldwide. This means that these tweets ultimately end up on almost every twitter user’s timeline. If you are creative enough, you can come up with relevant hashtags that people relate to as such result to the topic trending. Twitter bigwigs are known to always get-go hashtags that become very popular ultimately becoming trending topics. These people have a large number of followers and keep gaining more with each subsequent topic they start.

Method 4 – Engage with your fans

When you tweet something about your business, it is important to keep your twitter followers engaged. This shows that you are present and gives the customers the goodwill. This is especially so when they ask a question related to your business. The absence of virtual presence can drive customers to write bad reviews of how their questions had a poor response time. This damages the business image and can lead to total collapse of the business. The appropriateness of the timing of the response is important too. In engaging followers, it is also of paramount importance to personalize the information. This engagement can directly or indirectly lead to the growth of followers.

Final Thoughts
The internet has made the world a global village. Various social media have emerged twitter being one of them. Firms, organizations or individuals can use twitter to their advantage in marketing their businesses. For this, they need to have relatively large number of twitter followers. The growth of the number of followers can be made by appropriate use of hashtags, engaging your followers, having a virtual presence by tweeting a few times a day and appropriate mass following and unfollowing.

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How to Get Free Instagram Followers

Hand holding instagram cameraInstagram is one of the most popular social media sites in the world (according to instagram currently has 400 million activate users!). it has even surpassed Twitter in popularity. It is clear why someone would want to make their mark on there, but how does one do that? How does one get followers? Well, keep reading to find out how to get free Instagram followers.


Method 1 – Mass Follow & Unfollow

When you follow someone, you get notified of when that person posts new content or commented on something new. Normally one would follow persons they know from their inner circles and gradually expand as time goes on. However, mass following and unfollowing is different. This process involves simply follows every account you come across, weeding out the ones that do not interest you and unfollowing them. While this is a haphazard technique to gaining free followers, it does provide the opportunity to find the content he or she truly prefers and to learn which audience to attract.


Method 2 – Post Regularly

On Instagram engagement is king. This means that you must constantly post compelling content that will not only capture your audience but keep them on your page as well. That means you will need to post on a regular basis. Statistics have shown that posting content every three to four hours is the ideal practice. However, please don’t post content all your content in one sitting. Not only will that cause you to run out of content, it will also cause your follower to suffer from information overload. Too much of a good thing is always bad for you.


Method 3 – Use of Hashtags

The use of hashtags will also generate an enormous amount of followers in not time. A hashtag is simply a keyword following a number sign (#hashtag). These babies give viewers a way to navigate easily to a topic that they are interested in. Adding a hashtag to your image allows your content to be found quicker by those who do not follow you. It is a common practice to research trending hashtag such as “#nofilter” and “#triggered” so that you can add them to your image when applicable. When you have found your desired hashtag, place them in the comments section below your image. If placed in the image description, the tag will not activate.

Method 4 – Liking Random Photos of your target Audience
Another great way to attract follower is to simply share the love. Often enough, the person will follow back when you follow them or like their content. Remember, Instagram is a community and in a community, we help each other out. So do not be afraid to start liking random photos of the audience members you are trying to draw towards you. Just don’t be creepy about it. Like their tending photo and witty comments. You want them to see that you have an interest in them. In return, they will develop and interest in you and before long, your follower will have increased greatly.

An Interesting Video on how to get more free followers on instagram

Buy more followers
Don’t forget that you can also buy instagram followers and our packages here at start at only $1.96 – This is a surefire way to kickstart you social media campaign with ease.

Final Words
Instagram is a great tool for making a name for yourself. It also holds untapped potential when it comes to marketing your brand to the world. But nothing comes easy. Achieving your dream of having thousands of followers is a process and will talk time. But by following these 4 simple step, you will get there in no time.

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Marketing Your Vimeo Video

Inbound marketing Stratergy

Marketing Vimeo video is one thing that can be the difference between having your content appreciated or unnoticed. Uploading the video does not guarantee viewers; you need to promote the video through different platforms so as to get your target. You might have great content but if you don’t market the video, it won’t get viewers. The following are some of the ways you can market your Vimeo video.


Share on social media
The quickest way to market your Vimeo video is by sharing it on other social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Sharing on social media helps you to reach more people since the viewers like and share the video on their social networks too hence reaching more people. Therefore, it is also important to request the viewers to share the video. Sometimes you can say something like, “If you have liked the video, don’t enjoy it alone, share with your friends too!” Such a message gives them a call to action, and in most cases, many share the video with others.


Email the video link to relevant websites/blogs
Websites and blogs can be extremely useful in helping you to promote your Vimeo video. Depending on what the video is about, you can email the video to relevant blogs and websites where the video could be played. For instance, if the video is about entertainment you can send it to sites which deal with entertainment. If the websites and blogs play the video, then you will have a huge advantage. All the people who visit those websites and blogs will most likely watch the video hence giving you more viewers. Therefore, in the end, your video will get more publicity and will become popular.


Invest in paid social media marketing (PPC)
Many people think that paying other sites to promote their videos is a waste of money, but they are absolutely wrong. Paid social media marketing can actually boost your Vimeo video viewers to unimaginable numbers. Different social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, offer different rates per click depending on a number of factors. Digital marketers believe that paid marketing is a vital element of social media marketing in the world today. In fact, in many situation, paid ads have become the way to get social ROI. Therefore, paid social media marketing is an option you must consider when it comes to marketing Vimeo video.


SEO your videos
An important part of ensuring that your video is discoverable is by optimizing for SEO. When viewers search for content like videos through the search engines, you want your video to be the first results to appear. In order to take advantage of SEO optimization, think about what people would want to find in relation to your video. You could have excellent video content, but if it doesn’t appear in the first few results on search engines you will probably not get many viewers from search engines. To boost your placement on search engines, you need to know how to use keywords and phrases since they increase your video’s relevance in searches.


Buy Vimeo Video Views
Consider buying vimeo views from a trusted supplier- Some people may think that buying views is unethical but it’s a superfire way to start the ball rolling especially on newer videos that havn’t yet been noticed by many people and it’s a great way to give you video a better chance at being seen more.


Some Interesting Vimeo Statistics
Vimeo Has 715 Million Monlthy Video Views – Source

The Users of Vimeo Streamed a Massive 4.9 Billion Videos in 2013 – Source


Getting more viewers for your Vimeo video is not a complicated process. Though it may seem difficult to a lot of people, it is very easy for people who know how to promote the video using the different platforms. Therefore, if you want to market your Vimeo video, it’s would be helpful to use these avenues.

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Getting More Plays on SoundCloud Plays

Cartoon MusicSo you wanted to share your weeks of hard work and all your musical creativity with your friends and even strangers across the globe and decided to make a profile on SoundCloud before uploading your song. You can’t wait to have a network of followers and the “likes” to come pouring in as they hit play over and over again. For some reason, though, the followers and “likes” aren’t coming and you find yourself impatiently waiting as you stare at your computer wondering, “Where did I go wrong?”

Share your music on social media

It doesn’t matter how great your tracks are if you aren’t actively promoting your SoundCloud profile. A great way to promote your music, tracks, and songs is by sharing them on any social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. You can also join groups that might be related to your genre or the purpose for making your songs. Network within those groups and share with members your songs and you’ll find that you’ll be racking up several more followers before you know it. Don’t be shy and use the same fire that drove you to make your music to drive your networking and the sharing of your music as well.

Email your songs to music websites and blogs
Another great way to share and promote your music with others so that you can acquire a larger fan base is by emailing your SoundCloud link to other relevant music websites and blogs who focus on music and upcoming artists. By doing so you will not only enlarge your musically influenced network but you might also be able to pick up more fans as well that will be able to promote your tracks on their blogs or websites. If they like what you send them they may encourage their followers to click on your link giving you more of an opportunity to find more followers and “likes”.

Invest in PPC advertising

Pay Per ClickOne form of advertising many up and coming artists have used is investing in paid social media marketing also known as PPC or pay-per-click marketing. Pay-per-click marketing is a great investment if you’re looking to increase the amount of visitor’s your profile will receive. PPC is typically instantly gratifying in that fact that it can directly generate more traffic as well as more leads to your site which will lead to more fans and followers in the end. Though you must have money to invest from the start, it is a great way to improve the promotion of your songs and increase how many “likes” your new soon to be hit.

SEO your SoundCloud profile and songs

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is also another way to bring in hordes of followers as well. SEO is another good investment like pay-per-click that can yield in an increase in followers or a high return if you will, that is if you get it right. Just like PPC, you will need to invest money into it from the beginning, but you will see in the long run just how great of an investment it truly is rather than an unnecessary cost. By considering what it is that users are searching for, how search engines primarily work, and what keywords are being used it optimizes how the client’s link or site is being advertised. If done correctly it can be perfect for all your song promoting needs.

Consider Buying SoundCloud Plays

Another great method to getting more plays on soundcloud is by buying SoundCloud plays – A simple yet cost effective way to get your campaign kick started.

Final Conclusion
As long as you devote yourself as much to promoting your music as you did when you were laying down that last epic track that you think everyone deserves to hear and you keep your head up your fan base, followers, “likes”, and plays will continue to grow by the minute. Remember don’t be shy and continue to network, promote and advertise your music whether it’s through social media, music websites and blogs, or by investing in PPC or SEO marketing and you’ll be the next hot artist before you know it.

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How Having More Facebook Likes Can Help Your Business

Today Facebook has more than 1.44 billion users per month and many business owners use it, in order to boost their services and gain more profits. If you use it correctly, it can be a great ‘tool’ for you for promoting your business and be able to gain more followers. The following are the best ways of how to promote your brand with more likes through Facebook.

Engagement MeterEngage With Your Audience

You need to post interesting content and photos for your followers. Having your firm present in photos for ads will definitely help your audience remember you. Actually, this can be a logo, a brand colour or even one of your products. If you like to grow the number of your followers, you have to remember that you have to post great content on a daily basis, in order to keep them engaged.

Viral Syndication of Content
When you post text to your FB page, it can also appear in your fans’ news feed. This does not mean necessarily that every item you share will be shared by your followers. But if you like you can also post a hyperlink, as well as a text from the shared item. Moreover, you can use the feature of ‘Instant Articles that gives you the ability to fully syndicate entire articles on your Facebook page. It’s actually an incredible opportunity for you to get your content in front of new audiences. You need to remember also that engaging content is crucial if you like to build a strong relationship with your followers and potential buyers.

More Traffic to Website

If you post great content of your products and firm, more followers will re-post your content and therefore you will eventually have more potential followers and buyers. Keep in mind that you need to post regularly and give your audience something interesting to read or see. For example, you can even share a photo of your new products. You need to treat your fans like you truly care about any contribution they make to the conversations. In addition, don’t forget to include the featured image as your FB post. A link to the page will also help. Or you can even include a link to your website on your Facebook page.

Likes Lead to Insights

This is a powerful tool for social analytics that you can use anytime you like with your Facebook page. When it is used in the proper way, it can actually hyper-optimize your online promotional texts. It can help you a great deal if you know why your fans prefer to look at certain products and why they like specific services. For instance, you can understand what kind of content your followers like to read or what pictures they prefer, in order to provide the content they like the most.
Facebook can be a great online tool for you, where you can promote your business. This can offer you not only more buyers but also more profits. If you use it correctly, you will soon be able to boost your sales and more people will rely on and prefer your business than any other.

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Being Successful on Social Media in Business

Social MediaHow hard can this be? You have used Facebook. Your new phone gave you an automatic Instagram account. You have even Googled your name. So, this should be easy. It is, but it isn’t. There are a few things that you need to know first.

Find your Target Audience
It can be as simple as going to Google and typing “Fried Gummy Bears”. But to be truly successful using Social Media to your advantage you must do some research. Are you buying? Are you selling? You need to define your business so you will know who constitutes your audience. Your audience isn’t necessarily someone like you, but someone who needs what you can provide. If you want to sell a product, you must find someone willing to buy said product. Keywords are important. If you want to sell something, include keywords like; purchasing, distributing, selling, or manufacturing when searching various websites.

Understand what Customers Crave
Now that you have defined your audience, you will need to find what they want. All of us have more than one thing that we crave. Say you find that people who like Fried Gummy Bears also like Bluegrass Music, you now have another avenue in which to reach them. Extensive research on Social Media is the key to understanding your customers. It cannot be done in five minutes; you must make a concerted effort to learn what makes them tick. Once you find a group of people who fit your desired profile, follow them, like their pages, and track their habits.

Track, Measure, and Adjust Your Efforts
You started this task knowing what the outcome was going to be. Time to find out if you were correct. It is fine if you weren’t. Follow your intended customers. Track their patterns. Interact with them as often as you can. Create polls, contests, and questionnaires. Always remember that if they contact you, you need to contact them and thank them as quickly as you possibly can. Once you know who your audience is, you need to then find out what it is that they do. Once you know that then you need to adjust your plans accordingly. Even if it means doing things differently than you had planned.

Create Quality Content
HQNow that you know what your audience wants, you need to find out if that market is being served. If so, by whom. Maybe you can do it better, or more economically. Possibly it is a better delivery system, or more efficient ease of use. Facebook replaced MySpace. It can be done. Make your product the best you can. Market it to your audience. And trust your research.

Being Successful on Social Media in Business is not that difficult if you are willing to put in the effort. If you are willing to follow what your research shows you. And then tailor your product and your marketing approach to your audience. The result may not be what you envisioned when you started, but it may be better.

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Free Ways to Increase Your YouTube Views

Play IconGetting noticed on a platform as big as YouTube is no easy task. There is over a billion active YouTube accounts and tens of thousands of new videos are being uploaded to the platform every single day. For those of you who want your videos to get noticed in that crowd, here are our top 5 free ways to increase your YouTube views.

Post Your Videos on Social Media
One of the easiest and fastest ways to get more views is to share your videos on social media. This can be done by clicking the “share” button below your videos and choosing the platform you wish to share it on. This strategy is highly effective as the people who already follow you on other types of social media are very likely to be interested in looking at your videos. Another good way to spread the word about your content is through Facebook groups. Many of these groups allow people to post content on their wall, where it can be seen by all other members (just make sure the video is somehow relevant to the group itself).

Optimize Your Video Titles (SEO)
If you are serious about getting more views, optimizing the titles of your videos for search is something you absolutely have to do. As some of you may know, YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine (after Google), and the way most users find new content is by finding it through the search bar. If you want your video to appear in the list of results, you have to think about the types of phrases someone might use when searching for a video and make sure your title contains those phrases.

Don’t Forget to Optimize Your Video Descriptions
While there are many people who know about the importance of optimizing their titles for search, the vast majority of users do not think too hard about their video descriptions. This is a mistake. Descriptions play an important role in YouTube’s algorithms, so a good description can help move your video to the top of the search results. There are a few things you will need to keep in mind when writing your video description. Firstly, it should include the keyword you used in your title at least once. Secondly, it should contain other phrases someone is likely to use when searching. Lastly, it should actually describe your video and explain what it is about.

Add a Custom Thumbnail
As most of you know, YouTube automatically generates three thumbnails whenever you upload a video. If you’re like most people, you choose one of those three options and leave it at that. However, if you want your video to stand out from the crowd, you may want to add a custom thumbnail. The picture you add doesn’t need to be complex, and you don’t need to be a Photoshop expert to create it. For most scenarios, a simple image with a couple of words related to the content of your video should do the trick

This was our list of the top 5 free ways to increase your YouTube views. Mastering some of these techniques may take a little bit of time, but the benefits you will gain from them will more than justify the costs. Which one of these tips is your favorite? Is there something we missed? Be sure to tell us in the comments!