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10 Reasons Why Buying Likes Can Help Your Business Stand Out

Facebook SignFacebook is now an important element of the virtual business space and entrepreneurs and marketers have understood the potential of this widespread phenomenal thoroughly. Facebook promotion is an easy and quick advertising technique which doesn’t require much finance or too much time for the results to spring up. The best part is that one time investments on buying facebook likes will benefit you for a long time regardless of any source you choose. With Facebook marketing, you do not need heavy funding or manpower to achieve phenomenal results, though having having the right experience will help tremendously.

Now, your business’s obstruction may be the fact that you are not aware of the techniques of Facebook and social media marketing. If you are not well accustomed to social networking, the concept may be a little bit odd to you, but it is the call of the digital generation and it is vital that you quickly adapt to survive in this new digital age. Facebook offers you the option to invest in numerous exposure packages, we do the same only ours is more affordable and realistic in terms of budget.

A website can be used for a number of purpose and many of which differs in a few major ways. Some webmasters use it to promote traditional services available offline but carry online transaction elements like e-commerce or an online store. Regardless of the types of website that you run, they all have one thing in common, web traffic. We want users to come in and browse our services, watch our ads, click on sponsored links and buy things but the major conundrum here is how do you get people to come to your website?

Standing OutWith the appearance of Facebook, not only was the dynamic of social interaction completely shredded to pieces but also how we advertise on the internet. Facebook provides businesses and general webmasters a platform where they can retain, interact and engage with their fans generating potential reach on a scale that has never been seen before. In a span of a few years, the average cost for a marketing campaign dropped from a few thousand pounds to a mere few pounds to reach the same number of traffic. Let’s bring out an example, newspaper ads can easily cost you somewhere between 1000-10,000 USD per placement depending on the location you choose (and your relationship with the supplier), while a Facebook advertisement is performance based and you will only have to pay for what they deliver. If you are willing to pay 1000 USD for a relatively big campaign then you can expect your average conversion rate to be significantly higher than those offered by traditional marketing methods.

Many online companies and business have used Facebook and other social networking sites as a platform to market their products and spread the name of their brand. Facebook is the most used social networking sites with billions of registered users. Most of these users are on the site for more than an hour per day making it a great venue to start marketing your business. Advertising in such sites can help you significantly increase your client base as well as the profitability of your company. But you need likes on your Facebook page for you to achieve such a status. Many companies have then decided to buy Facebook fan page likes to show people their status. Here are other reasons why buying likes on Facebook is a good idea for your business.

1. The Bandwagon Effect

In layman’s term the bandwagon effect is that people are much more likely to buy or at least explore what your business has to offer if you can create a favourable first impressions via amassing a large number of Facebook likes. Having a big number of Facebook likes and buying Facebook likes is something that any serious digital marketer should consider to boost the effectiveness of their social media marketing campaign from day one.

It is not a game of numbers though, do not forget to deliver and make customers happy as even if you have a million Facebook Likes and very few happy customers you are still not going to do very well. Take buying Facebook likes as a method of tailoring your brand image to maintain a favourable light regardless of the age of the company or service.

2. The Perfect First Impressions

For those who do not get influenced by the Bandwagon Effect, there is always the favourable first impression to maintain. Think about this, you are hungry and you are looking for a restaurant to eat, you do a quick google search in your area and you found 2 choices:
– Restaurant 1 has 100 Facebook likes, a few google reviews and is not so active on social media but it has been around for a good few years.
– Restaurant 2 has well over 5000 Facebook likes, plenty of google reviews highlighting people’s satisfaction and is extremely active on social media but it only just opened last month.

Who are you more likely to pick? Speaking from personal experience, I would go with restaurant number 2 and I wouldn’t even go as far as considering when they opened. Surely a restaurant who just opened 1 month ago and have made 5000 Facebook likes must be genuinely decent?

3. Divert More Web Traffic to Your Website

Most webmasters frequently look for options to divert more web traffic to their website. Along with the online search engines, the popular online social networking platforms can be used as a medium to get more online visitors for your website. You can post status updates and promotional offers to impress your Facebook fans and convince them to visit your business website. Further, the people who have liked your Facebook profile or page can visit your website regularly without putting any additional efforts.

4. Boost Your Existing Sales Figures

With a large number of followers on Facebook, you can easily promote the products or services offered by your business. You can announce promotional offers and discount schemes to encourage these users to buy the products offered by your business. You can even collect the suggestion and feedback of these users to improve the quality of products or services offered by your business. You have to initially spend some amount in buying Facebook likes, but the users can boost the online sales volume of your business over a longer period.

5. Help understand the legitimacy of your business

Moreover, when anyone would see the significant number of likes you are having on Facebook, one thing is certain that they would be totally convinced regarding your legitimacy. Thus, they would feel even more comfortable to purchase from you. Further, you would have a direct contact to your potential customers which implies that you can promote your products to them repeatedly.

6. Social Media marketing helps SEO

One of the lesser known fact is that Social media hits or engagement actually plays a major role in SEO in the 21st century. Google, who is basically the sole definition of SEO, are always changing their formula for ranking websites and there is absolutely no doubt that eventually a major part of it will be dependent on social media engagement. With every update Google seems to be heading closer to using social media as a metric for measuring company ranking values while at the same time moving further and further away from traditional means of link building metrics.

This is simply because it is much harder to fake a successful social media campaign and so easy to fake a successful link building campaign to spoof search engine crawl bot into ranking horrible websites higher than genuine websites.

People sharing your content, people commenting, liking and many other means are all taken from Facebook and calculated on the Google supercomputer to help determine your website’s worth and keyword position. That is why you should be buying and maintain your company’s social media Facebook likes and other engagement metrics as well.

7. Increase your Reputation

In line with becoming popular, if you buy Facebook fan likes you will also increase your reputation as a business owner and seller. Because many people like your business, this only means that you can deliver to what they want and need. You gain a good reputation and again, more people will trust your business because you already have such status. Your sales will increase and your profits will increase as well. Buying likes on Facebook can help your business achieve a reputation that people can trust and people will be willing to trust.

8. Create More Buyers

Once you have established a reputation, more and more people will start buying products from you. People will become more interested and start searching products or services that you offer. You can also use your account to create even further marketing strategies such as giveaways and freebies that you can post on your page, and they must like your page to be eligible to join. At this point it is vital that you consistently invest in the buying of Facebook likes to maintain the image of consistent growth of the company.

9. Buying Facebook Likes is a kind of investment

For instance – if you were thinking to podcast an ad on TV, newspaper, or radio then it might be expensive to fetch people’s attention toward your business. However, on the other hand buying Facebook Likes not only will be cheap but also will keep you connect with millions of people all around the world. Buying Facebook likes will stick, which means the people that likes your page will stay around until the day they unlike (which is highly unlikely).

10. Gives a chance to communicate to a large audience at the same time.
Once you have established a Facebook presence, you can begin to communicate with your fans in a number of ways and turn them into loyal fans. Loyal fans are different from ordinary fans in the sense that they will define and even help promote your business. You just have to go the extra mile to reach out and answer questions, providing them with a happy and satisfying service, the rest will be decided by them.