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3 Reasons Why Buying SoundCloud Plays is Industry Practice by Big Music Labels

SoundCloudThe act of buying video counts and soundcloud plays has been standard practice in the music industry even before the internet was founded. Big labels have been in the industry long enough and have undoubtedly mastered the game of numbers. While in the 50s, 60s or 70s the rules of the game may have been different, the principles were the same. Often referred to as payola, paying music DJs to get airplay could be equated to buying plays and comments on SoundCloud today. Below we look at 3 reasons why buying SoundCloud plays is industry practice by big music labels:

Staying ahead of the game

The big labels must show that all their artists, upcoming and already established ones, do well when they sign up with the label. When an artist is looking for a label to sign up with and they notice that all the artists signed to a particular label are popular on SoundCloud, they have a reason to go for that label. If a label has all these successes on SoundCloud, the market is undoubtedly going to notice. There will be more coverage on other popular websites and publications like Traxsource, the MTV Blog, and Beatport. Buying plays, therefore, works on a basic principle: visibility. If your label is everywhere people look, then you must be doing well, right? It is a smart way to stay ahead of your game.

Historical Proof

For almost 6 decades, promoting music has always involved payola – paying program directors and DJs in radio stations to choose your songs and give them more airplay. This way the song appears more popular than it actually is. This is important for the big labels as it is for the upcoming artist. The big guys have to stay popular, and even history has proven that payola works. Why not then ‘rock the airwaves’? Today’s payola has gone to SoundCloud and other online platforms like YouTube. Buying soundcloud plays works for these big labels. History has proven it and continues to show it. An expose by Eric Boehlert, the “Excellent Series” revealed some of the biggest artists who have used modern payola. It is quite surprising, and the big labels are behind it.

Getting booked for shows

Getting booked for a show is every artiste’s dream. This is when the real work begins. This is when they get to actually meet their fans. Big labels need to get as many artists as they can to succeed, and shows are the ultimate measure of that success. If it is easier for artists to get to perform when they are signed up with a particular label, then it means better business for the big guys. The big labels will buy SoundCloud plays to convince potential fans of a particular artiste’s popularity. If more people are convinced about the popularity, they will turn up for a show. What better way to launch an artiste’s career? If the musician is actually good at his music, he will have created a real, and loyal fan base.

All in all

The above 3 reasons why buying SoundCloud plays is industry practice by big music labels are a clear indication of the game of numbers. It is the only way to stay ahead of the game in this industry where visibility is quite elusive. Better still, history has proven that the game of numbers works.