Terms of Service

To place an order at likesdepot.org you first must agree to the terms and conditions shown on this page. Likesdepot.org has the right to update this terms of service agreement at any given time. You can find when this policy was last updated at the bottom of this page and it is the users responsibility to keep up to date with the terms set out in this agreement.

Refund Policy:
Likesdepot.org are proud to offer a 30-day refund policy where if we do not deliver on our promise within 30 days of the order date or you are not happy with your purchase a full refund will be given when requested. You can request a refund be given on our contact page or alternatively place a dispute via PayPal if we fail to respond for any reason.

We cannot in any way be held liable for any actions taken by 3rd parties because of placing an order and using any products or service provided by us – likesdepot.org.

Limitation of liability:
By making a purchase or using the likesdepot.org website you agree that we likesdepot.org or anyone in association with likesdepot.org cannot, under any circumstances be held liable for any damages or losses of any kind that could arise while using this site and/or it’s products and services.

Likesdepot.org may use your details from time to time to contact you regarding special offers and related 3rd party websites which we feel may be of interest to you. We DO NOT sell your information to any other 3rd parties.

Loss of Views, Likes, Followers, Subscribers Policy:
If your likes, followers, views, subscribers or any other digital service you purchased from likesdepot.org drop within 30 days after purchase then please get in touch with us by using the contact us page and we will arrange to re-add any lost likes, followers, views, subscribers, etc.

We are NOT in any way affiliated with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, Pinterest or Periscope.

Last Updated On:

18th November 2016